Wood Cases from LUMBERCASE

Let your iPhone have a special style by covering it with a unique case from LUMBERCASE. Now you can blend in a piece of nature to your new device. The iPhone wood cases offer special looks that allow you to enjoy unique styles and durability for your iPhone. The varieties available give you the option to pick a simple wood case or a unique, custom case with handmade designs.

Types of Wooden Cases
When you begin to look at the wood cases for your iPhone, you will find multiple options to satisfy your personal preferences. The wood can come in darker color, such as with walnut or rosewood. You can also find lighter materials that can create unique effects with the iPhone you have. Go for a bamboo case for a unique look and feel. You can also decide to go for tinted wood for more color options.

Personalizing Your Style
Enjoy more with the wooden cases available by adding a personal touch. You will find many cases that have special designs. Geometrical figures, objects, thematic designs and special styles are available to help get a case to match your personality. You can also look at wood engraving for a truly unique case. From printing your name to stamping in your favorite images is a special way for you to enjoy unlimited options. You will find a diverse set of personal approaches that combined with wood creates an intricate and classy style for your iPhone.

Wooden Cases for Every Phone
At LUMBERCASE we carry wood accessoires for the most popular devices, we also accept special orders. You can look at cases and covers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air or iPad mini. You will also find different wood accessories for the Apple Watch and other gadgets. Our huge selection allows you to add a unique touch to the gadgets you have.

Find a simple way to express yourself with the gadgets you have. If you are looking at special accessories, then you can consider LUMBERCASE cases and covers. The handmade items from LUMBERCASE are known to offer unique styles and additional touches. You can now combine nature and technology with LUMBERCASE wooden cases.


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