Bamboo iPhone Wood Cases

Bamboo wood is known as being a notable resource in the regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. It can be used as a food source, most notably for the giant panda, as a raw product, as well as for a strong form of building materials. Despite being considered a primitive grass, bamboo has a high compressive strength, with its use as a building material rivaling that of wood, brick and concrete, with a tensile strength stronger than steel.

Bamboo species can be found across a vast diversity of climates, ranging from cold to tropical. They are some of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, with bamboo growing as a hollow stem in vascular bundles, with the absence of secondary growth. However, this is highly dependent on climate as well as species. The optimal climate and soil for bamboo growth is located in the region of the Anji County of China, which is known as the "Town of Bamboo".

Bamboo wood is generally a pale yellow to almost white, and is invariantly uniform. There are little to no imperfections, with no showing growth rings or sapwood. While not difficult to work with, bamboo often requires very special care in order to ensure fibers do not split or break while being cut and handled. However, overall, bamboo glues, stains and finishes well, providing for beautiful finished products.

Such finished products include the works of Lumbercase, a Canadian company that combines nature and technology to make bamboo iPhone wood cases. These beautiful and unique cases blend smoothly with the iPhone esthetic, as well as providing protection against scratching and dropping. The natural wood grain, hand-crafted to perfection, provides uniqueness like no other with no two cases resulting in the same product. These cases are created with a extreme precision in order to protect this fragile but durable material, resulting in a woodworking masterpiece. Each piece is hand-sanded, with the craftsman applying a special coating agent to increase the durability of the wood itself. Completely customizable, these cases allow for a personal touch to be easily added to any iPhone or similar device, with its sleek pale design mimicking an aura of professionalism and prestige. Despite the uniformity of each individual piece of bamboo, each case is still capable of displaying a unique pattern previously carved into the face of the wood itself. This beautiful and mesmerizing creation of wilderness brings technology and nature together, reminding its owner of the necessity to return to the great outdoors every now and again.

Bamboo iPhone Wood Case - Edge ArmorBamboo iPhone Wood Case - Slim

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