Behind all LUMBERCASE Products

Take a walk in the woods, and enjoy being surrounded by the beauty and majesty of nature's giants – trees. Trees have always been around us, and we have always enjoyed wood as both a practical and beautiful resource. They provide shade, support, oxygen, beauty, and homes for all sorts of wildlife. Trees are really nature's gift to us. Now we can enjoy the ancient beauty of trees even while we hold the most current technology in the palm of our hands. Wood cases, covers, and skins for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and more are now available through It's amazing how something as life-giving as a tree can become such an elegant, timeless accessory. Wood has always been a natural choice in design, home décor, and accessories. Now, wood can provide a protective case for your iPhone. These wood iPhone cases have been designed with attention to detail and a minimalist inspired look. Each wood case is a premium handcrafted product. Wood iPhone cases are available for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, and iPhone 5/5S.

You can choose from a variety of different woods for your premium crafted wood iPhone 6/6S case. The chestnut iPhone 6/6S case is a medium brown color featuring great wood grain. Or take a look at the creamy white iPhone 6/6S case in maple that is also available. If you prefer, you can order the walnut in a dark chocolate brown for your wood iPhone 6/6S case. You will also have the option of rosewood. Rosewood is a beautiful burgundy colored wood that comes from the forests of the tropics. It is known for its fragrance, density, and beautiful marbling appearance. Wooden cases for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus are also available in chestnut, maple, rosewood and walnut, as are the wooden iPhone 5/5S cases. The minimalist design is a timeless addition to a high tech product. Each premium handcrafted wooden iPhone case easily snaps together to provide stylish protection to your iPhone.

If you would like to enjoy a natural wood look that is an easily renewable resource, consider a bamboo wooden protective case. Bamboo is actually considered a grass, but by the time it is harvested it is stronger than wood. Once bamboo is cut down to be used for products, it will quickly regrow. The careful management of a bamboo grove will ensure its health and vibrancy for lifetimes. A bamboo handcrafted cover for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus or an iPhone 5/5S is an excellent choice for a sustainable product to protect your phone. It's timeless elegance is captured by the minimalist design. Each premium handcrafted bamboo iPhone case easily snaps together to stylishly protect your iPhone. It's beautiful golden brown hue is the perfect accent to every color, and your iPhone will stand out in a sea of others. Take the opportunity to enjoy the unique qualities of a premium handcrafted wood or bamboo iPhone case. You will enjoy holding a piece of nature in your hand every day.

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